Friday, September 19, 2008

8-Legged Seafood Supper

my nephew, Jeff is back from Ireland for almost 3 months. and I haven't got a chance to meet him until last nite. omg! and he's going back to Ireland to continue his studies next week. ** wat kind of aunt i am ** not my problem ok?? his kiddo got a bunch of frens to stick wif until he forgotten abt me. ** sob sob **

at first, we tot of going out for Hokkien mee. but then this kiddo's face... so thick-skinned to request for a crab meal instead. ok lar.. since i long time din meet him up, so i brought him for a crab meal together wif his bro and my bro. 4 of us. were hving great fun while eating. he told us his boring life in Ireland. sometimes i was out of topic too wic made the rest laughed like siao-kia. :)

ok lar.. cut the crap. let's check wat we had for supper yest.

Fried chicken Wings - 4 pieces
Rate : 4/5
Price: RM2 per piece

Fried Rice
Rate : 2/5 => not nice. not fragrant
Price: RM8 => 2 persons portion but then the portion was like 1.

The Crabs
Rate : 4/5
Price: RM84 - approximately 6 pieces altogether

hai~~ i din take the crabs due to face allergy. kns kns kns~~ i onli looked at 3 kiddos eating the crabs wic made my salive dripping out from my mouth.. ** eeesshhh **

Fatty Crab Restaurant
No 2, Jln SS 24/13 ,
Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

one supper costed me the total of RM120++... aiyo, this month pok-kai d...


  1. ai yo yo... the crabs are good la... I can see but cannot eat also.

    eh, only $120, i hv had spent a lot lor this month, ... really gotta declare bankrupsy already lor.

  2. me too.. over-spent this month.. teruk teruk.. all oso bcos of the sales carnival..hhaa

  3. OHFATTY craz! i havent tried it b4.. some ppl said nice some ppl said dun go..

  4. er.. honestly, i dun think it's nice lor. i prefer the restaurant opposite fatty crab. the name is sth like pangkor island bla-bla-bla.. tat one better..

  5. Can see but cannot eat, what a waste, hehe...what to do? Have o take care your face mah. Face is more important than crab right? No matter how delicious it is, tahan kuat kuat....

  6. tahan veli kuat... until tak boleh tahan.. luckily din curi makan..