Monday, September 8, 2008

Kajang Satay!! Anyone Wans??

i went to kajang for their famous delicacy. yup! u guys are damn smart!! SATAY!! hehe... well, the actual location is jus opposite the stadium. err... dun hv map and the restaurant name. haha.. cos i was so hungry to remember it.

so the most important stuff to make the satay taste good is the gravy. yes yes.. peanut satay sauce.. wif a lil bit of sambal mix together wif the gravy.. yummy!!

and of cos, not forgetting the side dish. cucumbers and ketupat. and it's FOC.. we took more than 5 plates of it. jus imagine?? a plate full of cucumbers and ketupat.. omg!! and of cos the satay lar.. 5 of us.. ordered 60 sticks of CHICKEN satay!! yummy.. although i was quite hungry at the moment, i onli took 7 sticks.. so who took the most?? it goes to.... TA DA.. Uncle CK and Eling... more than 12 sticks... hehe...

see.. i was so full and yet Eling fed me wif ketupat.. not enuff summore.. she added another piece of ketupat and cucumber.. GOsh!! tummy going to explode...

trust me.. the one u see is not the truth.. dun ever trust the pics.. i din take so much. tat 38 CK lar.. purposely throw all the sticks to my place. and he said this shows tat i reali siao for SATAY ma.. ok lor.. for the photo effect, i jus let him be.. or else.. i wil kill him for spoiling my image.. haha...

ok.. tat's our sirap + limau + ais = sirap limau ais ** this equation idea is brought up by crazywrazy** haha.. thx!!


  1. affinity for footballSeptember 8, 2008 at 3:08 PM

    Actually Steve ate the MOST

    I toook 11 only ok

    and i din spoil yr image !!!! I just enhanced it :P

    Hope to eat more next time muahahahahahahahahah.

    Who's that leng lui beside you ah?

    ha ha ha ....

  2. hahaha... ur wife of cos...
    sure or not? how come the cheong bros telling me u ate the most?
    haha :P

  3. wah satay.. i love!
    so good, de ketupat is free! normally they charged one u know..

  4. I haven't trued the Kajang Satay before. Heard it is the best

  5. affinity for footballSeptember 9, 2008 at 11:28 AM

    How could u believe the Cheong's? esp the small round one :P

  6. Hah, tell you what! I'm wearing the same Nicole T-Shirt as yours, but in purple colour. LOL! So coincident hor?

  7. inbox
    this shows tat we got the same taste.. hahaha... got purple one meh?? i din notice tat. mayb i like blue color :D