Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yummy-licious Hot Sushi @ Sambal Sushi

Janice actuali got attracted wif this Japanese Restaurant's name & told me abt it. then we dated out last weekend to try out their sushis. well, SAMBAL SUSHI. y so? i think they wanna 'cross-over' with Malaysia's cuisine wif Japanese. :D ** i just learn the new word. 'Cross-over' means combination of 2 different stuff into 1.. wahahha **

this restaurant is kinda special. we got a surprise when the waiter bought 2 empty bottles of those collagen stuff. we tot they are going to sell us the product but we're wrong. haha.. plus there are some books rgding collagen under the table. see.. they got a whole bunch of collagen stuff ard the corner. but i din go there and hv a look lar..

well honestly speaking, this restaurant is quite dark where each table is onli lit up wif one small small spot-light

so i think i will stop writing and let u guys to c the one tat we'd tried out :).

Rate: 5/10Rate: 3/10 => the taste a bit too cheesy d.. so one bite u wil feel geli.. :(Rate: 5/10 => the sambal not good.. but the ingredients are freshRate : 5/10 => so-so lor.. nuthin specialRate : 7/10 => my favourite.. not bad except not chill enuffRate: 6/10 => not badRate : 9/10 => the bestRate: 6/10 Rate: 8/10 => not bad except a bit saltyRate : 6/10 Rate: 4/10 => taste like maggi mee - curry flavour. the noodles a bit uncook

The beverages....

The Dessert..

ok lar.. comment sikit sikit. the price is almost the same like sushi king. taste ok saje lar. sambal er... janice commented their sambal so-so wor. but i think not tat nice. not spicy plus i think the sambal taste a lil bit funny. if u ask me whether wil i be there again? err.. mayb not at the moment cos temporary i stil cant get the feel of wanting to go back to it.

of cos lar.. we wont forget to cam-ho.. hehe

No.30,32,32A Ground Floor,
Jalan Puteri 1/4 Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-8942 6049


  1. I went to this Sambal Sushi restaurant last week too! Not bad not bad, I like their sushi rolls.

  2. I stayed nearby n been there several times for their ‘bubble milk tea’, THE ONLY item that attracts me… Sadly, it dissapointed me a few times and now I have to think twice if i’m invited there… In the begining, it’s very nice.. later on, I wonder how they prepare the ‘bubble’.. it’s real hard that cause me gastric after having it… I’ve once told the person in charge there about their food-it’s totally unacceptable! Well, I doubt they would have just hear it and forget about it… I do agree with R-zarni about the waitings to order, unofortunately, I have to wait 20 mins to get the bill too!! And it is early in the morning around 9am plus there are only 3 customers including myself… Frankly, I quite like the ambience there.. it’s quite a good place for gatherings… but only for drinks not food and services… I think everyone understands the purpose of complaining/suggesting… we just want them to improve to serve us better.. Well, I do hope they really will improve.. if anyone here happen to know the boss, please do let them know there are far lot for them to improve…