Wednesday, September 24, 2008


yes!! everything goes fine. i'm damn happy. the company had given me the offer letter and i wil move on to it mid of next month. yes!!

but then hv to face my current boss. aiyo.. apa macam ar. ya.. passed him my R****N letter d. but he dowan to accept my decision for temporary. die lar... anyhow, i made up my mind d. :D

hai~~ a bit moody now when think of going to leave my bunch of 38 collix. u're rite! they are the best one among those i had worked with before. where can find such collix? do u create dirty jokes wif ur collix? do u open a topic abt life for discussion/ brain storm among the collix? sometimes we do even share our personal stuff.. seee... honestly, i nv do so b4 i met them. they are reali playful and cheerful. jus like a bunch of MONKEYS.. aiks.. i hope they dun read this part.. or else they wil kill me...

although i complained much abt my job and b055, i stil would like to thank him veli much for giving me an opportunity to stay here. yup! admitted i learnt sth from here too. but sorry b055. i stil hv to leave for career advancement and personal growth. not bcos of money. ** err.. money is jus the secondary issue cos the one i'm hving now is quite ok too ** yes. i made him in a difficult situation too. cos he had to find some1 to replace me within 1 month. ** 1 month is quite short for me to hand-over my stuff rite?? ** wahha.. but based on my offer letter, it mentioned 1 month. so it's not my fault ya. i jus follow the rules and regulations. no worries lar.. whenever u guys nit me, i wil b there to help.

hai~~ hv to tok to my current b055 again. jia lat!! hmmm... :( now his turn to put me in difficult situation.. :P

P/S: My disability is....... i'm not good toking to BOSS.. hahaha :P


  1. hey, congratulations!! you did it!!!
    well, nobody wants to stay in this situation and neither one wants to stay put without career advancement. good choice!!

  2. aiyoh..ur boss will hav to let u go geh.. maybe he will counter offer lar..
    good luck ;)
    congrats on new job! ;)

  3. congrats la..Finally..

  4. nkb, thx..

    ben, even if he counter offer oso, i wont accept his offer lor. cos staying here is kinda like static or i shld say macam tunggu mati. haha...

  5. Congratulations ! I understand your feeling.. Early of this year I also feel great like you lol.. hahaaa..

  6. Congrats!

    I agree you should go ahead with it too.

    Keep swimming up stream or be swept away =D

    All the best~

  7. irish,
    thx.. now i shld say i'm like 守得云开,见月明!! hope i type it correctly. if not, correct me pls...

    thx for dropping by. haha.. thx a lot

    yea.. u're rite. absolultely agree wif u. tat's y i mentioned to my boss it's not bcos of the money issue. :)

  8. All the best to your future undertakings, Liang Mui!