Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Luck Is With Me!!

oh yes!!!! i got the offer d.. guys, thank you so much for praying hard for me ya. hehe... i damn happy now.

actuali i was quite nervous last few days cos i jus cant wait to get the news from them. well, either it's good or bad, i wil stil hv to accept it rite? jus gip me a confirmation. well, at last i decided. if they din call me on monday, i wil take the first move to call the HR to check out the approval.

picked up my K700i ** ya i kno my hp is lao-yah one but who cares as long as i can chat wif my frens using the lao-yah phone ** and dialled the number. the operator answered the call and i had to request her to put me to the HR's extension.

ahem, while waiting for tat nice lady to pick up the call, my heart was pumping so fast tat i can hardly breath. so suffocated. so nervous. hands were shivering. forehead was sweating. breathing was so unstable. 'HELLO' aiks.. this time even worse when she answered my call. ok.. told her nicely. i'm Joan. i just wanna check out how's the approval progress going on.. wahhaha.. well, at first she apologized for not getting back to me due to her work load.. ok. i forgive her.. cos i'm damn busy rite now too.. then she checked and mentioned ok.. everything is ok BUT hv to wait for IT dept to approve. she wil can back to me in 1-2 days time. well, a bit disappointed but i stil answered her nicely. telling no problem. jus let me kno asap.

ok.. so wait!! then i called my mum. told her everything. she wished me luck. hv a nice chat wif her although it's onli 10min. then i chatted wif my sis thru msn. i told her everything oso. cos i'm jus so happy. i jus wanna share my happiness to my family. i did called liangzai but this guy.. * sigh * couldnt get him. i think he mus be attending a meeting lar. so skipped him off first.

so while typing hard on my keyboard, my hp rang. oh oh!! yup! it's the HR number. i was thinking hv i missed out anything tat she hv to call back to check it out wif me. NO! i was WRONG. She said.. Joan, everything is fine here. approval passed!!.. yes!! i was damn damn damn happy, overjoyed, excited, jump like a crazy woman outside my office. omg!! damn happy lar...

now stil hv to wait for the offer letter. hahaha... nvm. this kind of waiting is worthwhile. :D but i jus cant WAIT again. omg!!

thanks to u guys ya. thanks to liangzai, Janice, wilson, Dolly(my sis) and my bro. i told my bro tat i was nervous while waiting for the news the other day and got scolded from him for being so 38. ya ya.. thx for his scoldings too. hehe... not forgetting to thank u guys for wishing me luck and leaving me all those supporting comments to me. thanks thanks thanks thanks....

i think i must be in good luck recently. ya ya.. how come? cos i'd been doing some easy charity. yes! i believe tat doing charity may bring good luck! i wil do more :D
anyone joining me???


  1. Joan, congratulations! All the best ya...

  2. congrats la..finally ur wish already fulfilled..so when u wanna buy me a dinner using this first pay from this company??
    I'm waiting looo...