Monday, September 29, 2008

Internet Connection!!

:) damn happy cos i finally managed can online at home now. so i dun hv to rush to get my new posts written in my blog daily. i can hv my own sweet time at home to write even more :)

well, liangzai got his E71 last friday. yahoo!! wic means... i can online either using his communicator or my lappie. opps.. forgotten to mention tat each and every DIGIzen will hv the benefit of internet connection wic it is to be connected using their hp :). wow.. sounds complicated. hope u guys understand. dun ask me abt those technical stuff abt the connection ya. i kno nuthin abt it too. jus to make sure i can online, tat's more than enuff. haha :D

i was supposed to donate my blood this morning but then my attempt failed. well, all bcos of the medication tat i'm taking currently. ya.. Roaccutane!! eesshh.. this blardy medicine caused me kenot donate blood for min 2 yrs after stopping it. omg!! tat's quite long rite? and u kno wat the stupid liangzai responded? he said "omg! i had to wait for another 2 yrs to get my own baby!!" -_-" apalar.. jaga baby saje.. forgotten his wife pulak!!. well, as per my understanding, i kno most of the medicine will cause liver mal-function if u're taking the medicine for a long period. well, it may cause kidney failure too.. aiks~~ now kinda worried. but i'm taking milk thistle together wif this medicine. hopefully not big effect happened lor..

1213am d. i nit to sleep liao. my eyes cant open big big now and brain start to stuck half way.

nites and sweet dreams...


  1. Hi Liangmui well done....
    Wow, you give blood?
    For some reason or other I am scared as afraid of seeing blood, ha ha. Big coward I am.
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  2. does that means we can read your post during weekends and at nights too?? :)

  3. Finally ya...Not only can online at home, but also to be more concentrate on your work. Wakakakaka....

  4. hi uncle lee..
    such a long time since u dropped by. :) haha.. no lar. u're not a big coward. no worries. there are a lot of ppl out there afraid of seeing blood too :)

    i'm kinda selfish. haha.. donate blood jus to get them check tat i'm healthy for FREE.. haha.. Free of HIV & Hepatitis :)

    U're rite!! i wil try to post it during weekends and nite time too. happy or not??

  5. aiks.. kena tembak from lil inbox. wei.. i alwis concentrate on my job one ler.. jus tat alwis got no mood to work. but tat doesnt mean tat i'm not focusing on it ma.. hehe..

    i hope u dun get me as ur subordinate. or else u wil vomit blood. haha...