Wednesday, September 3, 2008


AAARRGGGHHH!!! damn busy since this morning til now. jus finished my lunch.. being a lazy bum in office, normally i dun hv much work to rush unless it's urgent case. ya and u're rite. today is veli special cos the project will b launched tomolo. so now u kno y i din get to blog much yest rite? hahaha....

tis morning had been modifying my scripts. hai~~ damn sien. cos the person in charge keep on changing the requirement since the first day until now. and they never confirm the changes. do u kno how frustrated i am to modify the same thing more than 10 times? can u understand how i feel? phew~~ i guess this is the life of being involved in software development team. regretted!! reali regretted for not studying engineering at the first place. haha... ** the grass over the other side is always greener **

damn sien. tomolo hv to report myself earli morning ard 3am. can u imagine?? working in the office at 3am? without any advantages.. boss nv seem like wanna gip us extra 0.5 day leave. onli mention giving us a treat for breakfast. damn it!! as-if we wanna hv a big meal saje. macam tak appreciate our hardwork lar.. damn kns. so tomolo i stil wil report myself but i wil sleep until my part is required. seeeeeeee!!! so u guys kno y i'm so demotivated rite? everyone's now start to get their things done. wat else. luckily i dun hv to re-test my stuff. jus hv to make sure everything tat they done shld b ok when comes to my part. phew phew.. hard!!

i dunno how many of u r having the same kind of boss i have. well, he look kinda good man but then a bit evil. kns kns kns!! dowan to tok abt him d. reali fed up!!

well, i wil b a lil busy starting from today cos i'm handling over a project. all by myself. hai~~ another boring stuff again. so pls pls drop me some jokes over my chat box on the left ya. i'll make sure i read every single letter tat u type. haha... pls entertain tis poor lil gal lar.. tq :)


  1. Just make yourself MC after the 3am standy.....this type of boss never appreciate the staff one.. crazy ar..after start work at 3am, next day should be holiday lar... crazy...

  2. Kesiannya! Yes, the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. Anyway, make sure you catch up on your sleep when you get the chance too. Your boss should really give you ONE day off.

  3. 3am?? Did I hear it wrong?? Eh, dangerous lor... Pls take care.

  4. NKB
    betul-betul 3am.. i'm in office now.. arggh!! well, quite dangerous. scat scat oso

  5. grace...
    that stupid B055.. hai~~ veli kesian now.