Monday, September 8, 2008

F-Timber Tote Bag

ok.. i bought myself a cutie bag from Parkson, Sunway yest. well, it costed me Rm160!! wahhhh... dun worry. u think i'm reali a shopaholic meh. ** although i am a crazee shopaholic, i'm alwis do spot for discounted items ok?? ** it's with 70% discount. so so total is RM47.97... veli nice.

tough decision whether to get it or not until liangzai mentioned he wanna sponsor it for me. yahoo~~ ** actuali, i'm waiting for him to say so ** wahahha... ok.. so it's not i'm buying for myself ya.. it's liangzai buying it for me.. :P.. show u guys the pics of it.




ok.. and the sponsor said i reached my quota for the year. tat means he oledi bought 1 bag for me this yr and i cant request anymore.. aiks!! so stingy!!

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  1. Dont simply use my picture ar.. that picture i purposely took it to show my 1st day of work at Digi.. hehehehe