Friday, September 5, 2008

Hair & Flirting??

What is it gotta do with Hair and Flirting??

hmmm.... I just browsed thru for any opportunites to earn some extra money and 'Excuse Me?' reali caught my eyes. :) well, there is a word in the description caught my attention. yup!! FLIRT!!

yes yes yes... all of us will try to flirt the opposite sex to get their attention. anyone agree wif me?? well, i do.. but how?? so wanna learn any skills to flirt them? Extreme Style by VO5 had proudly presented this cute game entitled Ultimate Flirting Championship. well, first, you hv to choose the avatar youu prefer first before you can play the game. male or female, long hair or short hair, any colors of the hair, the facial expressions.. you choose it yourself.. then wait for another partner of the opposite sex to take part b4 you can start the game. well, pls be patient. You have to wait for approximately 10-15mins :)

ok.. i'm not going to tell you guys everything over here.. try this game yourself by clicking the widget below.. trust me! you will learn all the flirting skills and get to know your flirting ability level. :) get the magical sensation wif ur sexy partner and earn your Victory Hair. if the widget is not working, click here to start the game :)

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so now you know what happening wif the hair and the flirting rite? :) well, get yourself a set of V05's Extreme Syle and style your hair. who knows ur magical sensation happens in real life :)
wish you luck!!

Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

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