Monday, September 8, 2008

Money Not Enough 2

ya ya ya.. money is always not enough. so many expenses hv to pay off. house loan, car loan, insurance, electric bills, handphone bills.. aiyo.. pengsan lar.. so many.. how ar how arr?? but today it's not abt me lar.. hehe.. it's just a movie entitled 'Money Not Enough 2'. another Jack Neo's Production.

well, i read abt janice's comments on this movie. wah.. she sounded a bit negative on it. haha... ok.. but then her comments dun reali affect on my desire to watch this movie. :D

honestly, i'm reali like leaking water pipe. this movie is veli touching. basically, it reveals the reality world happening ard us. i reali adore Jack Neo's creativity. he reali can draw out the story happening in our society into movie. not forgetting Mark Lee and Henry Thia's acting skills. I salute Auntie Lai Meng's acting. she reali made me cry non-stop! well done to her.

well, pls dun expect u can see lotsa leng jais and leng luis in the movie ya. but enjoy the story line. enjoy the jokes... hehe :D so anyone wanna learn how to spell 'MANAGER'?? ok.. pls follow me.. M-A-N-Y-Z-E-R!! wat bt 'DIRECTOR'?? ok.. follow me again ya... D-I-E.. and so on.. wahhahaha.... the phrase tat i like the most is "all the countries onli TAKE money from the citizens but in SINGAPORE, they are SUCKING money from them." (其他国家的政府是“拿”钱但是新加坡的是用“吸”的).. damn funny. i cant stop laughing!! and also ERP is not equal to Enterprise Resource Planning. it stands for Every Road Pay. wahahhhaa.. see see... can u imagine how creative this movie is!!.. haha.. ok.. besides the comedies, it also mentioned how GREAT a mum is. it reveals how a mother would sacrifice everything for the children but ended up wif a sad ending..

ok lar.. dowan to tel so much.. go and enjoy the movie. trust me! reali worth it.u can read the synopsis here.

Ratings: 8/10 => deduction of 2 pts becos of the effects. hehe :P

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