Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tea-Break @ Ka Fei Tiam

wow.. i'd abandoned my blog for almost 1 week. shit!! i nv do so. so better get sth good for u guys lar.. paisei ar.. soli soli...

last Sunday, went out wif my brother to Digital Mall in SS14 cos he wanna get himself a HDD casing. since got nuthin better to do so followed him lor. plus i wanna get some new games for my PSP. hehe....

well, he got his casing less than 5 min. he went to the first stall and saw it and the bought it. quite fast.. :D

while waiting for the ppl to load the games into my PSP, we went for a tea break. cos my siao bro din take his lunch tat day. tat's y he was hungry while waiting. so went into this shop, Ka Fei Tiam.

let us see the modern kopi-tiam look-like...

decorations... oil lattern.. but this one is modernised d.. :D


hv to wait for the food to serve and we got number 18.. hehe.. 'sat fatt'

this is wat i ordered..

Roti Curry
Rate : 9/10 => yummy...
Price : RM2.80

Chrysanthemum Tea
Rate : 5/10 => a bit disappointing. cos i think they are using 3-in-1 stuff...
Price : RM2.20

my bro gila for tit-bits... so he ordered fries.. :D

French Fries
Rate : 5/10 => so-so onli.. but it's quite fresh.. cos they jus fried it. :D
Price : RM3.90

and he ordered a Neslo Ice costed him RM3.30 per glass..

so total of the day is RM12.20.. well, it's on his treat. so i can save the money.. yahoo~~~

Lot G-0-2, Ground Floor
No 2, Jln 14/20,
Digital Mall
Seksyen 14
46100 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-79568551

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