Wednesday, September 10, 2008


gosh!!! damn busy recently. i got a project on hand wic the date line is on 15th. OMG!! tat means i wil hv onli 3 working days to complete my entire project.

my b055 is back from outstation and the first thing he ask to me was abt the progress on the project. btw, i tot this is not so urgent but y he keep on rushing me. phew~~ wat to do. as wat NKB once mentioned to me, we're the MESS CLEANER. summore is HIGH-PAY MESS CLEANER. tat's y we hv to clean watever mess tat's created by b055.

sorry for not being able to update my blog as frequent as before. pls bear wif me ya.

btw, i'm reali reali happy now. cos i got an offer from a so-called-famous co. but stil hv to wait for the approval first. belum dapat lagi.. but i'm stil happy cos i got the possibility to stand a chance to be in tat co. rite? wish me luck ya. i think good luck is coming over. first, liangzai got a BETTER offer. and i think i'll be the NEXT one. thanks for all that have been giving me lotsa support and confidence. thanks to LIANGZAI cos he's my biggest supporter. thanks to my sis, DOLLY cos she alwis kena marah but yet she stil entertain me a lot. wahaha.. ya.. one of my worst entertainment is to bully my sis. thanks to JANICE cos she alwis lend her ears when i nit some1 to bla-bla-bla wif! thanks to everyone. u deserve it!!

hopefully everything wil goes smoothly :D... jus wish me luck ya!! hehehe... ya.. i think i'm crazy over that job d.. cos it made me had insomnia last nite and poor liangzai, i torture him for at least 1 hr and he pampered me back to sleep. wahahha... :D


  1. Hmm...interesting. How did you torture Liangzai ha?
    Sure, all the best to you!

  2. inbox
    i mumble to him for one hour. repeating the same thing. then he kenot tahan. haha...

  3. affinity for footballSeptember 11, 2008 at 1:31 PM

    No thanks me :(

  4. dowan thank u lar.. cos u said u dowan choi me d ma...

  5. Good luck! Hope you would get the offer!

  6. grace.. thx

    molly.. thx.. er.. i would prefer if u call me ah mui.. hahah.... ah liang macam guy's name

  7. wah good offer from a famous company! congrats and good luck to u! may ur path be greener :D

  8. ben..
    not yet.. hv to wait for approval