Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Day Starts @ 3AM

** ring ring ring ** alarm rang. woke up and pressed snooze. back to sweet dreams again..

** ring ring ring ** alarm rang again! get my bu++ out from my bed. damn sleepy. liangzai stil in bed like a pig. walked to washroom like zombie. eyes cant open widely.

finished cleaning myself. feel a lil refreshed. disturbed liangzai from his sweet dreams.. then went out to work.

on the road, drove to office. wow!! great! cos almost cant see a car on the road. tat means no jam. turned the speakers quite loud and listen to those romantic songs broadcasted from the radio. enjoying myself wif a short 15min k-session in my car. haha :)

reached office. went down to basement. parked my car. damn good cos i got the best car park. near to the lift. but it's almost 330am so the lift was down and i hv to climb up to Level2 to my office. nvm.. earli exercise!!

open the office's door and saw jacky already preparing for the war. i'm stil in sleeping mode. again, walking like a zombie to my place. then checked my emails and my blog for comments and replied each of them. checked my blog traffic and also check for any paid post for the day..

went to pantry wif andy. he nearly gave me a shock of my life. luckily i'm well-prepared for all those crazy surprises. haha...

now u're reading the post i'm writing at this period of time.. stil in sleeping mode after one big gulp of coffee.. not sure how many cups i had to swallow today. wish me luck. anyway, my kns b055 expect us to work til 5pm. siao.. do u think i'm tat stupid to work for 15 hrs without 1 day leave replacement? of cos not! so... wil b staying here.. without my soul.. and get everything done! luckily my portion is quite small. unfortunately, it's dealing wif every cents and dollars. wish me luck!!

finished my updates. yes! hopefully everything is ok. testing UNIT started their job now. yes!! now a bit scat scat! but so far looks ok.

b055 jus came in. kns! now onli in office. we were suffering 2 hours ago and he jus came in. WTF!! anyway, i din bother him. haha.. i jus finished watching Moonlight Renosance Ep 26. yahoo~~ stil got 14 episodes to finale..

breakfast on b055. can i skip it? dun reali wanna hv anything rite now!! i jus wanna sleep. ** yawning away ** but testing is not ready yet. so no breakfast for temporary. ** sighing now ** apalar!! saya mau tidur. luckily b055 will b going off to sg later. hope he can cabut asap now!!

went out for breakfast. DIM SUM. not so nice. lousy service. but nvm lar.. it's FOC.. so jus 'telan' watever they ordered... tasteless cos i'm sleepy. zombie look summore.. ** sigh sigh **

back from breakfast. hv to start work d.. boring life.. tahan tahan tahan. 1pm can cabut liao.. hehee.. i think R&D dept will closed for a day. haha.. DUN THINK TAT MUCH. no closing day for R&D. cos B055 is damn CHICKEN. so there wil b 2-3 persons will hv to stay back til 5pm. i dun think i wil stay lar.. cos cos cos.. u guys kno... kns b055!!

ok.. i reali worked hard. stil got problem. dun think can go back sharp at 1pm. shit!!

almost 3pm and my things is not settled yet. omg!! i'm not going to update this post d.. headache. a bit frus.. tomolo claim 0.5day. mayb get MC. fed up wif everything now.

at last, everything's ok. my part work perfectly and others too. congrats to them + me. headache. working for 15hrs. onli hv a quick nap for 15 mins. now i'm kinda like swaying away instead of walking. guess wat? some 1 tat i dun reali like came in and barked ard like mad dog and showing off his teeth. damn sickening to see him. ok.. time for me to go off work liao. sayonara!


pls drop me a few lines if u're reading it ya. jus to get me awake. haha :D
happy reading..


  1. Wow! You woke up so early and check in to the office

  2. yea borneo.
    now oledi half dead. i dun think my legs are working properly now.. haha..

  3. wow , very impressed u worked such a long hour, wat `s the nature of ur work btw

  4. affinity for footballSeptember 5, 2008 at 9:17 AM

    Iron woman anyone? ha ha ha ...

  5. irish..
    going coo-coo d... kenot tahan...
    btw, how come u sounds like i dun reali work hard? haha...

    i'm in IT line. thx for being impressed by my long working hours. but i'm reali sick of it. haha... tired man! non-stop standby for problems and solutions. headache...

  6. affinity..
    u reali gip me a tall hat!! haha.. btw i got flesh one lar.. who says i'm made of iron :P