Monday, April 21, 2008

38 Activity

K Session
Venue : Neway Puchong
Date : 19 April 2008
Time : 11am - 3pm

hai~~ lazy to write.. pics tell everything ok??

my 38 gang.. introducing from left to right...
Uncle CK, Auntie Yee Ling, Fishball Ah Soh, FishBall Ah Pak & Liangmui

This is wat we ordered
Western Baked Spring Chicken - 1
Crispy Fish Fillet With Spagetti - 3
Tuna Sandwiches With French Fries - 1
Seafood Fish Ball Flat Noodle Soup -1
Ice Lemon Tea - 1 (er.. i shld say 2 cos i order extra 1 more later
Lemon Coke - 2
Lemon 7-Up - 2

131 - Room Number

see... the 38 pohs.. wahaha.. so excited...

Peace to All.. Auntie yee ling and liangmui

Crispy Fish Fillet With Spagetti, Lemon 7-Up & Cream Soup.
Tasty Rate:
Spagetti - 4/5 => the fillet reali crispy, the noodle a bit cold, the sauce ok.... side comments cos i gave to auntie yee ling.. i dun take potatoes...
Drinks - 3/5 => normal lor.. nuthin special ma

After 2 hours...

liangmui cant finish the noodles.. cos keep on singing forget abt the food liao.. when recall it, the food taste funny.. too cold..

Cream Soup
Tasty Rate : Cream Soup - 0/5 => yucks.. the butter smell too strong liao.. taste geli

Seafood Fish Ball Flat Noodle Soup
Tasty Rate: => pls note tat rating based on Uncle CK...
Soup - 2.5 /5
Kuey Teow - 2/5
Fish Ball - 0/5 => Stinks ( this make the soup stinks too.. so overall rating wil b 2.5/5)

Tuna Sandwiches With French Fries
Tasty Rate: 3/5 => rating based on Fishball Ah Pak (sandwich not nice)
i think he gave such rating bcos he reali likes HAM!!!

Fruits from Buffet Table
Tasty Rate : 3.5 /5 => rating from FishBall Ah soh (not so nice but ok lor.. stil boleh makan)

Ice Lemon Tea
Tasty Rate : 3/5 => oklor.. normal nia... nuthin special...

After 2 hours.....

funny.. the glass printed 'TIGER' on it but we end up hv soft drinks with tat glass.....

Taugeh... forget to take the pic b4 Fishball ah pak and ah soh finished it
Tasty Rate: 4/5 => shld be veli nice..

Longan Tong Sui
Tasty Rate: 5/5 => Full Marks.. yes.. cos i like tong sui ma... this one reali good.. not so sweet.. the best food i had in Neway...

Tat's abt the food.. will post our 38 look in the next blog...

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