Monday, April 21, 2008

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman walking down the street~~

Phew!! u see Fishball Ah pak... so enjoy ler.. singing 'Pretty woman' and at last, i got him turn into 'Woman'

if he wear like this, i think i wil vomit to death. pls... i rather to be blind than seeing this in my life.. hahaha.. Fishball Ah Pak, dun angry ar... play play onli...


  1. yoh.... bigboy 1st time saw korkor wear dress...look "yuckkkkkkkkk"...
    korkor look much nicer in those two strips and see thru dress..
    woof woof

  2. yea hoooo~~ cant wait to see fishball ah pak wear spagetti stripes.. hehe

  3. Who's that sexy girl...HAHAHAHAHA...