Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Warm Dinner...

went to my sis's house at palm spring, sunway damansara yest.. y?? cos she cooked me a nice dinner.. guess wat?? hehe... yummy yummy.. long bean pork steam rice + chinese herbs chicken soup.. omg!! love it, sis...

veli nice.. cos long time din eat those home cook stuff d.. so even it's not nice, it wil taste veli good to me.. haha... hey sis, no worries.. reali veli nice.. or else liangzai wont take 2 full bowls of rice..

how nice ar?? ok ok.. i describe a bit... well,it's a simple chinese cuisine.. first, prepare long beans of cos.. haha.. cut into pieces ard 0.5 inch (too small?? ok lar.. depends on wat size u wan lar).. then ler, prepare the pork and lap cheong..
as usual, garlic and onions.. and also dried prawns... and of cos not forgetting the rice!! hahaha.. for 4 persons servings, abt 2 cups of rice wil b enough. if u're rice lover, 2.5 cups for 4 person servings ya... or else not enuff lor.. hehe...

ok ok... dun rush me.. trying to tel u the steps lar...
1) fry the garlic, onions and dried prawns til fragrant....
2) then add in pork & lap cheong
3) fry for a while til u can feel the smellll of the ingredients.. omg!! hungry now..
4) then add in the rice + some seasoning (soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce)+ long beans
5) well mix the ingredients..
6) then add the rice into rice cooker and cook as usual.. hehe..

so once it's ready, u can see nice nice long bean pork steam rice....

oooo.. the soup.. aiks.. old liao.. nearly forgotten.. omg!! u guys there kno tat i'm a soup lover rite? my sis extremely sayang me.. left me one big bowl of soup.. wow.. ok ok.. ingredients... ei.. i kno a bit onli lar.. u kno lar.. ppl cook i eat nia.. wont see wat's the ingredients.. haha... ok ok.. got kei zhi, red dates, tong sam (chinese herbs) and 2 packets of those ready-made soup powder (dunno wat's the name ya) and of cos.. chicken lar. mus b kampung chicken.. taste better.. chicken soup where can forget the chicken.. haha.. the steps ar?? easier man!! dump everything into the pot, add water then boil for 2 hrs - use medium temperature ok? or else ur soup wil dried up.. then after the boiling session,put into magic cooker.. wat's magic cooker ar? aiks.. hard to explain on this. but it's a gadget where u can maintain the heat for a few hours after u cook ur stuff.. most of the aunties love it cos it's easy to use. next time i show u lar.. if we go shopping together.. hehe

photos ar? aiya.. paisei paisei... i forget to bring my cam so no pics provided. hehe... if i cook nxt time, then i take the pics lar :P.. breakfast time..:P damn hungry after explaining everything.. :D


  1. So nice dinner..
    When am I going to be invited??

  2. haha.. anytime tat u're free.. u alwis not free one :P

  3. aiyo..don't say like this la.
    Go to your house la since i nvr visit.
    U cook one day and invite me la..:P

  4. tat's the fact ma... ask u out for 10 times onli 1 time is accepted.. :S

  5. mai ah ni la..Timing tak betul ma.
    Me, cannot last minute one..hehe..

  6. ya lar.. dunno do wat big biz... so bz.. :P ok lar.. next time let u kno 1 month in advance.. but then til tat time oledi no mood ler