Friday, April 25, 2008


tat stupid liangzai scolded me yest bcos i gave him a fright. well, he was actuali taking bath in the bathroom (of cos in bathroom or else where u wan him to bathe...) and i was sitting in the living room enjoying my ASTRO. so after my drama, i went up to the room and i heard he was finishing his bath and prepare to wrap himself wif his clothes. so after he had done, open the door and then.. "BOOOOO!!!!".. he was "ARHHHH!!!!".. wahhahaha.. so funny to see his facial expression. i cant stop laughing at him and he got angry and scolded me.. he said "next time if u scare me like this, i wil throw the pail to u".. but then i jus cant stop laughing.. wahhahaha.. anyway, if he reali throw the pail to me, i wil throw super duper big pail to him back.. no worries.. gals are alwis revengeful.. hahahhaa.. stil laughing now.. :P hope he din read this.. or else he wil kill me.. hahaha...

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  1. woof woof.... na na!!! i will tell liangzai kor kor this part... even he scares of me... but i quite like him...the more he scare the more i like kacau him!!! woof woof