Thursday, April 17, 2008

~~ Late ~~

aiyo.. woke up this morning. SHOCKED!! Clock showing me it's already 8.51AM. OMG!! Late for work.. everything seems to be in rush.
Rushing to bathroom but instead, accidentally knocked my knee cap and i got hurt.
Rushing to brush my teeth but instead, the toothpaste was all around the sinky and i'd to do the cleaning.
Rushing to take a bath but instead, i forgotten to on the water heater and i got cold water bath this morning.
Rushing to dry myself but instead, i left my towel outside the bathroom and luckily my honey's one is in the bathroom.
Rushing to tie my hair but instead, the rubberband was broken bcos i pulled it quite hard.
Rushing to have moisturiser for my face but instead, i took masque and i had to clean my hands.
Rushing to wear my specs but instead, i hv to find it up and down in my room and it was lying on my side table.
Rushing to get my sandwich, but instead, i started the car engine and i was abt to make a move to office then hv to go-stan and get the sandwich. (cos I'm HUNGRY)
Rushing to drive fast, but instead, a cute little MYVI, in front of me, was driving abt 50kmph.
Rushing to get a car park, but instead, i miss the nearest car park to the lift and my car was parked abt 10m away.
At Last!! Reached OFFICE but i'm already 40mins late.. luckily my boss is not IN today~~
Wat a Day!! Now, Solve my Problems and wanna make myself a nice and fragrant coffee with my sandwich.. I'm DAMN HUNGRY!!

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