Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

wow.. yest had a great movie wif fishball ahpak and ah soh and of cos, liangzai lar.. the animation, graphics are great.. the best part will b the scenery.. i just cant miss each and every single part of the movie shown. the scenery jus simply the best and of cos, the storyline.. hey, jokes are in the movie. quite funny.. especially the walking monk vs the running monk.. liangzai laughed for a few minutes bcos of this joke..

those out there tat had watched this movie, u shld kno wat i mean rite... hehe.. the martial arts in the movie ar? i like the best is the fight between jacky and jet. veli nice.. i watched the making b4 it in astro. jus as wat the executive producer, Peter Pau, mentioned, in that scene, it totally can differentiate the actions btw jacky and jet. Jacky is more to acrobatic stances while Jet reali had the strong kungfu based in it.. a veli nice scene tat u cant miss it. so make sure u dun sleep in the cinema or else u'll miss it..

so.. manage to download some nice posters from internet.. so would like to share wif u all..

Jacky Chan : The Drunken Immortal
haha.. he's taking over his role in his previous movies if u guys watched so.. but in this movie, it seems like more flexibility in his stances compared to the 80s movies lor.. good!

Jet Li: The Silent Monk
His english improved. haha...he look cute in this movie.. his kungfu knowledge still as wat we can think of.. Strong Kungfu Base.. hehe

Liu Yi Fei: The Orphan Warrior
wow, not much scripts.. i cant even understand wat's she trying to tel at first.. but later ok lor.. haha.. quite pretty.. jus like the previous dramas and movies she acted previoiusly...

Michael Angarano: The Traveller
aiya.. i dunno y they get this guy in this movie lor.. mayb he look young gua.. haha.. but not bad too... especially he got 2 masters.. well, 2 tigers cant stay in the same mountain.. :P

Li Bing Bing: The White Haired Assassin
She's pretty.. got her own style but then i hate her white long hair in this movie.. keep on cover up her face.. kenot see properly..

Collin Chou: The Jade Warlord
The first joke tat liangzai blurted out was Y he put on Eye Shadow in the movie?? aiya.. if he din put the make up on ar.. he wil look like a mouse instead of warlord rite? i like this guy long time ago during his previous taiwan dramas although most of his roles are the bad guys cos he look like one rite? hehe.. he's not hensem but he stil got the charming look... and good body figure.. wow wow.. hehe...

Overall Rating: 9/10 (where's the 1 mark gone to?? bcos it's not in chinese version.. haha.. :P)

huuh? tel u guys the story ar?? aiya.. dun b stingy ok? we hv to support these great actors and actresses here.. go cinema and watch.. reali nice... dun buy dvd or VCD... u wont enjoy it.. but i wil get one for my collection.. wahahha :P

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