Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~~ L.O.V.E. ~~

simply jus love this pic. i grabbed it thru my nephew's blog => u guys can check it out @ he simply got the talent and of cos, the gadget he is using now.. oh man!! no joke.. better than mine..
just finished my reading at derr's blog... sad sad...well, i kno u hate this word but i'm stil going to tel out 'MOVE ON'.. well, love is not jus a's a bond btw 2 parties.. from a man to a woman and also vice versa.. u cant expect one to gip in more rite? both shld gip in in order to maintain a close bond together... if sth reali happen, dun blame on one party.. think of wat had been done.. is there any ways to solve it? such a strong bond will not break easily unless it is not being taken seriously.. so dun think so much... blame urself doesnt help much...
ok lar.. forget abt the sad case lar.... stil remember the shu did and yang mei mei?? finally he admitted. i'm waiting for this, DEAR!! good good.. next time nonit to be so secretive... =D the previous blog was a bit exaggerating but then.. it was a trick to let shu didi fall in easily.. wif jus a snap of the fingers.. :D
well, one relationship ends and the other one jus started.. so tat's life.. u might b doing well now but on the other side, someone out there might b hurt and without anyone's knowing so.. care more abt family and frens.. and i promise, I DO!! muaks...

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