Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Currently had been addicted to this online game -> http://www.viwawa.com/
Had been intro by a fren, Cherrie thru her blog. THANKS Cherrie.Been playing this during office hours when i'm fed up wif my boss.. shh!! secret pls...

Some pics to show u guys.. hehe...

1) My Profile.. see my wawa.. cute or not?? vote pls.. TQ

2) List of Games
STWACK - fighting game.. not ngam me. too violence.. i think guys wil love it

BIG 2.5 - U can call it CHOR DAI DI. Gambling game. I just improve my skills from here.

MATCH IT - simple game. Match 2 same pics to earn points.

CHECKMATE - see the name u oledi kno wat's the game abt lor.. CHESS.. I'm poor in this. tat's y not touching it.

WAHJONG - U can call it MAHJONG. Although skills improved, i stil cant get how they count the points.

SUSHIDO - this one.. match >3 cute sushi pics together to win the game.

ZANY BRIDGE - NEW game lauched. Dunno how to play. But for BRIDGE lovers, this shld b great

3) My Trophies and Badges... hehe.. ok ok.. lemme explain.. i veli geng one ler.. hehe
(from left to right)
  • Lost 10 consecutive games in CHOR DAI DI
  • Lost 10 consecutive games in MAHJONG
  • Win 50 games in CHOR DAI DI
  • Win 1 game in MATCH IT
  • Win 10 games in MAHJONG
  • Win 10 games in SUSHIDO

Wanna kno more abt this link? browse urself. quite fun for those childish kiddos like ME!! Remember to PUT me as ur referrer -> ID: liang_mui.. haha.. tq tq..

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