Friday, April 18, 2008

New Lessons~~

wah.. today whole day learn abt photoshop ler.. er.. so far so good lar... wanna see my result or not? but then, tel u all first ya.. i'm creative to words but not to design. not nice dun laugh ar. comments are welcome to improve my creativity.

well, wat kind of header i'd created? dedicate to big boy cos the easiest to do ma. dun expect me to put my own pics on header. it will look awkward to me..

there u go..

first one.... but then Janice said she dowan Big Boy to look blur blur wor...

so come out with the 2nd one... but then Janice said Big Boy oledi BIG liao.. no more little wor...

so after tat, Janice sent me a whole bunch of BIG BOY's pics. I still propose to take better pics of BIG BOY this weekend if i'm free.. haha.. oklar.. i kno it's not nice.. but then i'm satisfy.. cos I'D LEARN STH NEW TODAY... nit to seek help from experts d...

1 comment:

  1. woof woof... liang mui jiejie.... i will +u post more view of pic for you lor!!!

    Love bigboy!