Monday, April 28, 2008


a bunch of 38 frens chatted over msn abt shu didi..
jus updating the news as he had been quite secretive recently.
makan tak boleh, tidur pun tak lena.. seems like sth troubling him..
dunno wat's happening to him.. but we, as frens, can see him alwis hang on the phone.
quite worry abt his health too... wat was the conversation abt?
no one knos but can onli hear those whispering sound.. 100% confirmed is a GAL..

shu didi iron clothes...normal rite? he always been image-caring type..
he alwis say he's a image consultant..
image consultant konon!! hehe.. suitable for kids below 10 lar
this time, lagi gila... iron T-SHIRT pulak!! nv seen him iron T-shirt ler....
normally he wil iron his shirt..
tat's the 1st time.. t-shirt ironing...

tat day, went out wif frens to high tea in hotel..
shu didi stil hanging on the phone. omg!! y cant he jus leave his hp alone for 30 min?
jus enjoy the tea first?? Somemore kissssss the handphone screen!
since when he fall in love wit the handphone?
but yucks.. his handphone covered up wif his saliva..
see oledi oso geli.. dun dare to touch his handphone anymore...

yang mei mei oso behaved strangely recently..
jus like shu didi.. so secretive.. more calls to receive during nite time..
again, wat was the conversation abt? no one knos too but can onli hear those whispering sound. haha.. mus b a GUY!!
plus, she began to make up and make herself look more pretty
and adorable.. she start to wear skirts and dresses. she dun wear skirts and dresses ever since we'd known each other.
from tomboy look bcome lady look wor... sth reali strange..

nowadays, she slept together wif the hp..
as we kno, hp is not suppose to put it near our bed when we're sleeping rite?
radio-active ma..
yang mei mei so health conscious one. how come she can b so careless?
this is reali weird..
another weirdo... hugging the phone as if the phone is going to runaway from her when she fall asleep
wei, yang mei mei.. hp dun hv legs lar.. but it aside!! or else later ur face turn black cos kena fired up..

wat actuali happened to them?? not sure... hv to ask them..
hopefully some1 can tel us wat happen?


  1. Shu di di and Yang mei mei? New virus in town affects the person's nervous system rendering them making "unusual" behavior like ironing t-shirts (hahahahahahahahahahahah) and kissing the phone *lol* good one liang mui :P


  2. haha.... contribution from janice and liangmui.. shld gip us 5 man!!