Monday, April 21, 2008

I Grow Everyday -> Week 1

let u see something here.. and i wil post it every week for its progress.. my PIG bought a seed with 'I LOVE YOU' printed on it. lemme write a continuous story on my seed.

"Hey there!! how r u guys?? i'm a lil seed bought from SUNWAY PYRAMID. where did i originally from ar? well, i oso dunno ler.. but then i got lotsa frens accompanied me in a cutie shop. i think i'm the luckiest one cos ler.. one handsome man had chosen me out from a bunch of frens. i think he's buying me bcos he wanna gip a surprise to his gf gua.. but too bad, he din take a pic of mine during tat time. well, from tat day onwards, i wil follow this man back to his home. and i wil named him as 'gor gor'....

tat nite, gor gor showed me to his gf. this is the first time i saw his gf. adorable, cute gal with dimples on her face whenever she smiles. she simply captivate my heart. but i think she's a TV and IT freak cos she alwis facing the colorful box every day whenever she's free and she'll nv feel bored..well, tat's my jie jie. gor gor just left me lying on the shelf beside the bed. :( i'm so bored... jie jie hv to remind him to grow me. but he's giving excuses of there's no container or flower pot to grow me.. and there, i'm lying near the bedside for abt 1 month til gor gor found a glass container to stuck me into the soil. b4 tat, gor gor hv to soak me in the water for 5 hrs. then the words printed on me will dissolved into my body.. then onli, he stuck me in the soil. so now, let see the pics tat jie jie manage to take for me.. see my cutie look first...

my home... the glass container.... but i'm stil thinking whether i can survive in this container or not.. but it's comfortable... aiks.. kenot see me geh???

eh.. jie jie can hear wat i'd said just now wor.. so now can see me liao ler.. ya.. i'm tiny.. how big u expect me to b???

ok lar.. jie jie zoomed 10x now. so i'm getting bigger rite??

so wat's gor gor and jie jie trying to do now? waiting me to grow lor.. wat can they do? they can onli take good care of me.. gip me some water and sun light. tat's y jie jie placed me at her makeup table wic is near to the window.. the sun light can come in ma.. humans nit fresh air and sun light, i nit it too ok?? hehe... ok lar.. tat's all for the day.. hope jie jie wil take more pics on me to update u guys reading there... hehe:) adios~~~"

well, thinking of a name for my seed... oh ya, PIGGY.. wat do u guys think?

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