Tuesday, April 15, 2008


phew~~ thinking abt this topic.. damn boring.. cos we hv to work to support our own life. inflation is growing up and up, expenses are getting more and more but salary is not increasing. too bad.

so wat do u think? well, hv been working in MM for 10months. hv met wif lotsa nice nice colleagues. male n female. active and passive ones. cute and pretty. i think i should say of those companies i'd worked with before, they are the best colleagues and frens. but NOT THE BOSS!! BOSS alwis expect u to work more than the amount tat they hire u. OMG!! 1 cent is equivalent to 1 big car wheel to them. tat's y they will squeeze u til u're dried up and u doesn't come with any value to them. BOSS = BURST OUT SUCKS SENTENCES..AGREE?? but then, just imagine when the day comes where ur BOSS retrench u? well, here come the backup income!!

think of backup income. i think everyone nit to hv 1 for themselves. well, it'll appear sth extra when u dun nit it but veli useful when u're in deep shit. am i rite to say so? it's jus like our back door in our house or a spare tyre at the back of our car. we dun reali cant recall their existence until we nit them rite? haha.. many times, we wil think tat we nit to backup tis and tat but do we reali sit down, calm down ourselves and think of our own income & future? as wat my frens told me, time wont wait for u. even if u do nuthin, u stil wil grow old. absolutely CORRECT!!

these few days hv been WORKING like shit. CHANGES EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR, EVER MINUTE & EVERY SECONDS. fren, pls dun think tat i'm so free ya. although working here is quite flexible, work is reali hectic during month end. everything urgent urgent urgent! to me, URGENT now means nothing to me oledi. if changes is urgent, so u cant bear to wait for a minute to get the things done rite? so no matter how URGENT ppl mention, JUST FORGET ABT IT!! I'm HUMAN not ROBOT.. haha.. stil nit time to process and think b4 i do sth.

i think it's time for me to get into a new environment. NO FUN now!! every morning it seems so draggy for me to get up from the bed, get myself clean up, walk out from the house & drive to work. daily routine. repeatedly non-stop during weekdays and weekends will be like dead corpse at home lying on the bed.. jus imagine!! wat a life!! some1 pls help me out!

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